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LP Digital Out Option

Sometimes it can be useful to have split digital outputs available.


With the help of the digital-out option in the DAC F466, the activated digital input is offered symmetrically (AES / EBU) as well as unbalanced (S / P-DIF or AES-id) as output at the rear.


The signal present here is actively "refreshed", the signal content is the same as at the input. If the option is installed in the F466-S, you will receive two balanced and unbalanced outputs each.


In case the option is installed in the F466-D, one symmetric and one unbalanced output are assigned to one module (ex factory).


However, all outputs can only be assigned to one module. The following device can be equipped with the digital-out option: - DAC F466-S / DAC F466-D

LP Digital Out Option

    • für folgende Geräte: DAC F466-S / DAC F466-D
    • digitale Eingang an beiden Ausgängen (AES/EBU und S/P-DIF bzw. AES-id)
  • SPDIF I/O: 0 / 1 (RCA)
    AES/EBU I/O: 0 / 1 (XLR)
    Ausgangsimpedanz: 75 Ohm (RCA) _ 110 Ohm (XLR)

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